Message from the Director

At Heartland Montessori Academy (HMA), we have a unique environment for young children that works beautifully and serves as a model of how it’s done right! We have an amazingly dedicated passionate group of guides who are zealous in helping children thrive. Our classrooms are beautiful and spacious filled with light and equipped with materials that fascinate and challenge our children. We are surrounded by staff and a community of parents devoted to support a love of learning. All of this mixed with love, care, curiosity, imagination will cultivate independent life-long learners which will continue to thrive all the way.

I invite you to come and watch our children creating magic everyday. See how our guides gently lead the students to complete their work which they are happily engaged in.

We can see from all of the well-known people who have attended Montessori schools that children educated in this manner are far more likely to find success in their adult lives. For more information visit the “Montessori Resources” tab and view the videos and photos. If you are visiting our website for the first time I invite you to please read in detail to see why your child’s experience at HMA will be so unique and exceptional.

Warm Regards,